The Kure Story

The Kure Story, Premium Vape Juice, Vape Shop


You know exactly what you want, and what you want are choices. You don't vape just for the hit, you vape for the punch, the fullness. For the experience. We get that and we think your vaping experience should flavor life, too. KURE is your space, your experience, your home.

A dozen years ago, the e-cig movement was bare, grass roots. We know, because we were there. Today vaping is a full-blown phenomena and deeply steeped lifestyle. We took our knowledge of the movement that WAS and flipped it into an experience that IS.

Our KURE Vaporium & Lounges raise the bar to ditch dingy head shop vibes and back room mixing. We tossed the social exclusion and threw in top-notch tech. We revolutionized the vape store concept and took it as mainstream as the local coffeehouse. WE CULTURED A KURE.


 The KURE experience is more than mods, kits, and juice. Its community and conversation and vapers like you connecting with fellow flavor seekers. Explore new blends, linger at the bar, grab a table, or join a cloud, there's a spot for you here. We will greet you at the door and custom blend your juice while you kick back. No stress. No worry.

Our spaces are atmospheric, lounge-like, hey there, take-a-seat environments. Highly-trained Kuratorsflavor your palate like a barista tends to the perfect brew, guiding you through millions of Juice bar combinations. Yeah, we said millions. You're also good for free custom-blended vape juice combo samples, wifi, sips and snacks, and major next-level hardware to geek out the diehard gear junkies.

Belly up to our Juice Bar and test any one of our KURE On Tap vape juice blends. Or test all of them. They're pre-steeped for optimal flavor and made right here in America. See that wall of premium third party juices? Hand-selected for quality, taste, and perks by our very own Kurators. With millions of combos, take your time and you'll find your flavor, or your Kurator will get you there.



We know the vape space, we defined it. We were the newbies in vaping's infancy and grew up in the movement. Now, were the experts and we're the ones with the juice to handle shifting regulations.

Here's what KURE promises: A premium, uniquely tailored experience in a knockout space. An experience that supports your lifestyle, your expectations and your desire to socialize over a really good hit. An experience that includes the equipment, innovation, and service to make your lifestyle choice a smooth one.

From underground to above board. From corner shops to a full-blown lifestyle. At KURE we're enthusiasts truly enthusiastic about providing you your own space. We bring vaping to your community and community to your vaping. WE BRING YOU HOME WITH FLAVOR TO THE PEOPLE.